Introducing the latest in home robotics, knifeRobot! Brought to you by HOTT, Inc. For only $9.95/month, you can have your very own in-home, internet connected and socially enabled robot. knifeRobot chops, cuts, slices and dices anything in the fridge.

knifeRobot is easy to use and totally automated. You can even control knifeRobot from the web or your mobile phone – your dinner prep is done before you even get home!
Never lose a finger again!
knifeRobot 2.0
knifeRobot 2.0
knifeRobot is an automated, web-enabled robot for the resedential or commerical kitchen. It slices, dices, chops, cuts, and trims any food product. With web or mobile device based management and social-network tie ins, you can have the future of robotic technology today.

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