Introducing the latest in home robotics, knifeRobot! Brought to you by HOTT, Inc. For only $9.95/month, you can have your very own in-home, internet connected and socially enabled robot. knifeRobot chops, cuts, slices and dices anything in the fridge.

knifeRobot is easy to use and totally automated. You can even control knifeRobot from the web or your mobile phone – your dinner prep is done before you even get home!
Never lose a finger again!
About Us
Home of Tomorrow Today's Mission is to give you, the lover of delicious sliced foods, the enjoyment of never ending sliced, diced, and chopped tasty treats, without lifting more than a finger to program your knifeRobot. Imagine walking into your home with the aroma of that delicious pastrami on rye you've been craving like a ravenous dog since 2pm. Thats exactly the kind of pleasure your new knifeRobot from HOTT will deliver you. HOTT promises not to stop with the knifeRobot, but continue give you the ability to be endlessly lazier with the never ending addition of new home robots.
• Cutting Edge Robot Automation
• Effortless Deliciousness
how it all started
On a brisk Saturday in November, a group known only as "Team Hyper" got together during a lunchtime game called half-baked at BarCamp Boulder. Driven by a need to create a company from 3 words in 15 minutes, Team Hyper came up with HOTT and knifeRobot.

The company was incorporated in November, 2006 and operates from Boulder, CO. HOTT, Inc. is privately held.
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